Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infrared digital photography

So here is my first shot with infrared digital photography. The lens has a hot spot, and my results aren't nearly as cool as those others have taken by far. Wrong sized filter probably didn't help, but it stayed on, with tape. I used one of my cheaper lenses just in case. This was with my un-modified 5D, and about 10sec exposure. I used Aperture to do all the conversion from the red picture i took, not sure if i did that all right or what, something about the white balance should be set on something green, but in winter here, not much green. It would have probably helped if it had been a sunny day, not overcast near dusk, but oh well. Not exactly the most thrilling photo, but hopefully i'll get better at it. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yard bunny

This is one of the wild rabbits at my parents house a while ago eating at the base of one of the bird feeders. Their yard bunnies are a bit thinner and more "wild" looking than mine, not sure why, could be because they live pretty much at the edge of a smaller town near a river, and foxes and such live there too. Mine are probably more protected as they are in a city (of only about 12,000) but fewer predators so they can relax. I am not sure how true that all is, i'm guessing. Still love them all though. 

Friday, December 12, 2008

More lighting practice

This is another attempt at lighting practice, although i noticed it's really hard to get sharp focus without a remote trigger. Just touching the camera to take the picture shakes it enough where it's out of focus. :P I have a remote trigger for the Digital Rebel XTi i have, but it uses a different connector than the 5D, boo... Oh well. I think i'm getting better at lighting though, made a diy softbox for the main light, put some foamboard to reflect the light on the other side and lit the background. I know, basic stuff, but i'm learning here. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So this is what came out of trying to learn more about lighting and photography. Many of the photos were bad exposure, or seemingly lit bad. I should have done something to do that cool light circle behind her, (Haruhi Suzumiya by the way) or some other lighting behind to help her stand out better. Funny thing is this was on two sawhorses, where i placed extra bamboo flooring i had, and the background is my basement wall. I hope to get better lights at some point and possibly actual backdrops like paper rolls or fabric, but for now, this works. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh the memories

Oh my. This is from 1992, good times. I had to gank this from a friends post, as i lost my copy many years ago i think. Maybe in the move, or before that even. These were so fun to do, every year for a while a group would get santa and get these done. Sometimes the people would vary, but some were always there. Santa actually loved doing these, got really into it. I wish i could find my portrait of myself from around then that had me looking like a ren fest monk, pretty nifty. Rose probably has it somewhere, i lost mine. If you were wondering, i'm right above santa. I would give a lot to be in that shape now, that's for sure. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Invasion scout

Noticed this scout for the invasion in my kitchen, worried about more that are going to take over, but they are not very big and i can defeat it. Yeah, i'm in a weird mood. I also seem to love macro photos the most, as i also take a lot of them. 
(yeah, this is just one of my many figures i keep around)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mina Otsuki TtV

This is Otsuki Mina from the anime Getsumento Heiki Mina (Moon Rabbit Mina) taken Through the Viewfinder on my kitchen table. Kind of blurry, but it's really hard to focus doing photos like that. The anime is kind of odd, but you know me and rabbit related things. ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Smorkin labbits

These are just some of my vinyl figures, three Labbits and other ones behind them, just playing with the macro lens. Nothing thrilling, but i liked how it turned out.  I think i was being stared down by the Labbit with ice cream. ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Torso test

This wasn't what i had in mind when i took this, i was going to try to do some self portraits, but i found out the remote trigger i had didn't work with the 5D, so i'll have to wait for that. I had set up this (which i have had for over sixteen years now, full of memories) as a focus test, but i do like how it turned out. As soon as i can afford it, i'm planning on getting some lighting equipment from Alienbees and some backdrops. I don't really have someone to model for me yet, but i can always start out with things like this to practice on until then. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Emily TtV

This is Emily's nose, Through the Viewfinder. She has the cutest lips and is so curious when i do anything. I've had close calls where she runs under my feet, but so far so good. One of my old bunnies, Dru, used to run and land on top of my foot when i would walk around, and try to be launched in the air, no joke. I wondered what was up until one day i stopped when he was on my foot, and he got off and ran back on once i started walking again. Silly bunnies. 

TtV out the window

I took this Through the Viewfinder photo yesterday morning after the snow let up. It's of the bush that seems to want to get into my kitchen window. I was trying more to get the snow behind this branch but kept focusing on this one, but i love how it turned out. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kitty bunn being Kitty bunn

Here is Kitty bunny doing what she seems to love to do, sitting under the stool and digging at the rug. She's a sweetheart, but totally feisty and silly. I never saw a bunny wag their tail as much and as vigorously as her before. She does it when she's happy, silly, or playing. Seeing a bunny wag their tail is an odd pleasure, always makes me smile. Kitty (for those who don't know, she was named this at the humane society, and it stuck. although i also call her Key-chan or Miss Kitty at times) is also now the smallest of the bunnies, the little girls have gotten bigger than her, she's a petite little bunn, but very healthy. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Amanda a while ago

This is Amanda bunn about a year and a half ago, like April 2007. I just thought she was too cute and small looking on the rug. She's gotten a good bit bigger than this, not Clover sized, but she has gained about three pounds since then all in just getting older. She's quite the character, nice but loves to feel she is the one in charge. She gets along with Jerry great, and seems very happy with him, so i'm happy too about that. :)