Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something for the ladies (and gay men)

This guy was freaking hilarious, and made me feel really out of shape. The guy he was working with before me was the one i was talking to the most, older gent and seemed really talented, had a great laid back attitude about it all. Made me feel better about my skills and pointed out that some of the people with better set ups didn't mean better skill or vision. So there's that. This pose amused the hell out of me too. He burst out laughing right after this.

Funny triva, in just uploading photos to flickr, i got more views on them than any other photos i've posted ever. *sigh*, guess people just want to see hotties, which, i can't blame them, but it makes me feel bad about the other photos. :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Studio

Just thought i would share a random shot i took of the studio while waiting for models. I'm standing where i was taking most pictures, looking down the line. There is room behind me where the models are getting painted and ready, and to the left there are about half the "stalls" and then down to the left is a "studio setup" that is their lights and backdrop. This did make me want to have room for a studio even more than normal. I still am kicking myself for not buying that house in laCrosse that had the finished barn with regulation basketball court on the ground level. Although i wouldn't be there now anyway. Still, i dream of that, and then connect the damn thing to my house with tunnels or hamster tubes so i don't have to go out in the snow in winter. ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First image, unedited.

Just a first example of the shoot, not edited, but one of my faves. This is one of the head dresses i was talking about. She was awesome and expressive. Not much editing needed really, although some things show up full size (keeping it small here to keep that from showing up really and since it's not done). I do love the dramatic lighting, as you will probably be able to tell, even if it's not usual for fashion or glamor, i like it (so there, /blows raspberries at you, heh)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Damaged negative

So not long ago i found a ton of old negatives i forgot i had, most were in great shape and i got them scanned at Target in bulk just to get them on discs. (side note: i might actually get some rescanned by Scan Cafe, who will do a better job and such) This is one of many that was damaged though, just by bad storage, not on purpose. It's of one of my ex-girlfiends, Val, and since it's not so clear, i don't think she would mind this posted. ;) (and we stayed friends for a long time, basically until we lost contact, just so you know) What's neat that you probably can't tell, is that she had the most awesome dreads in this picture. She had just gotten extensions added to her natural dreads (hair that was pretty thick and long, then turned into dreads, then this which was colored artificial dreads with cloth strips tied in, it looked awesome, although we did end up cutting it all short not long after) and was having me take her photo while tossing her head around. So yeah, long story made about same length, i had all these negatives that got damaged, and Target said they would have a hard time scanning, so i made an effort with my crappy old scanner that has a negative ability, and this is what came out. There is really no photoshop done, other than cropping and straightening. Yet, i love it. It's got a lovely quality i think. So that's why i'm posting it here.