Friday, May 1, 2009

Charing Cross Road J-Doll

I was just playing around with lenses i don't usually use, and using my Charing Cross Road J-Doll as a model. (yes, i know, i'm weird) I wish it was more posable, so i could practice with taking pictures of people, which is hard to do when people are hard to come by that want pictures taken by someone without a lot of people experience. I'm hoping to get a Dollfie in the near future (not a naked one, who put that picture on wikipedia, lol) thanks to what Danny Choo has shown of them. Kind of pricey, the one i want (heh, she shares my initials) to start with is $418, and that's without a cool outfit (and not really the eyes or other parts i'd customize). I guess that's not too bad, as the one Danny has that is awesome is over $1,000. (after seeing the guy at the bank get that in fives for his trip to a strip club, in addition to $500 in ones, i don't feel so bad) Anyway, i've been told it's good practice taking pictures of the dolls to get posing and lighting down more. I've mostly had experience with nature and other more random things. On a related note, sort of, i've been thinking when i do get around to more people photography, tossing in my other experience with 3D modeling/animation and special effects make up. Could get some surreal or unique images that way. 


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea, practising people photography with dolls :) Now I wish I hadn't thrown my barbies away..

P/S: Your rabbits are adorable!

tfangel said...

I would try to practice more photography with the bunnies, but as you probably know, they don't really sit still long enough. ;)

naree said...

Oh...very cute,2 days ago I order her in ebay only 85 us. I'm very happy but this morning I recieves email to refund and told me that this item sold out...I didn't understand because I paid when recieves invoice.If you have more or see her anywhere,please tell me,thank you.
Naree kijkool...from Thailand.
email :-

Anonymous said...


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