Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Because i need a smile

I still love this picture, even if these bunnies aren't with me anymore (from left to right: Alex, Dru, Miso), i get a smile looking at this picture. Alex was alone and depressed for a long time after his previous bunny friend passed, and then we got Dru, who was for sale at the pet store when we got food for Alex for only ten dollars. He was grooming the ear of a chinchilla, who was annoyed. Had to get him as i worried about him, and never regretted it. Dru and Alex got a long great and were best friends (more than that from the looks of it huh? heh). Miso was given to us (me and my ex) from friends who were giving her up, she lept in my lap when we went to get her. She was smart and a trouble maker. She could open her cage that i had trouble opening, and always seemed to know what we were saying. She got fixed after moving up here, and once Dru and Alex could play with her, you should have seen the smile on Dru's face. (yep, bunny smile, hard to explain, lower lip down, not in an angry way)

Things have been tossing me around lately, health, loved ones passing, severe depression, all that mess. So i saw this and wanted to share a bit of the happy. (btw, my ex's dad referred to this picture as "receding hare line". ;)

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