Sunday, January 17, 2010

Damaged negative

So not long ago i found a ton of old negatives i forgot i had, most were in great shape and i got them scanned at Target in bulk just to get them on discs. (side note: i might actually get some rescanned by Scan Cafe, who will do a better job and such) This is one of many that was damaged though, just by bad storage, not on purpose. It's of one of my ex-girlfiends, Val, and since it's not so clear, i don't think she would mind this posted. ;) (and we stayed friends for a long time, basically until we lost contact, just so you know) What's neat that you probably can't tell, is that she had the most awesome dreads in this picture. She had just gotten extensions added to her natural dreads (hair that was pretty thick and long, then turned into dreads, then this which was colored artificial dreads with cloth strips tied in, it looked awesome, although we did end up cutting it all short not long after) and was having me take her photo while tossing her head around. So yeah, long story made about same length, i had all these negatives that got damaged, and Target said they would have a hard time scanning, so i made an effort with my crappy old scanner that has a negative ability, and this is what came out. There is really no photoshop done, other than cropping and straightening. Yet, i love it. It's got a lovely quality i think. So that's why i'm posting it here.

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doomsday said...

this looks great