Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something for the ladies (and gay men)

This guy was freaking hilarious, and made me feel really out of shape. The guy he was working with before me was the one i was talking to the most, older gent and seemed really talented, had a great laid back attitude about it all. Made me feel better about my skills and pointed out that some of the people with better set ups didn't mean better skill or vision. So there's that. This pose amused the hell out of me too. He burst out laughing right after this.

Funny triva, in just uploading photos to flickr, i got more views on them than any other photos i've posted ever. *sigh*, guess people just want to see hotties, which, i can't blame them, but it makes me feel bad about the other photos. :P

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Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) look at this emo boy one on this blog: